VFW award for special recognition of outstanding achievement and exceptional leadership for Junior ROTC Cadets. This award seeks to recognize a remarkable cadet who will become a leader in their community and serve their country.
Criteria for the award:

Possession of individual characteristics contributing to leadership including:
A. Positive attitude toward the JROTC program
B. Outstanding military bearing and conduct both in and out of uniform
C. Personal attributes (self-confidence, initiative, flexibility, judgement).
D. Patriotism (commander or member of color guard, drill team with or without arms, flag protocol instruction team, and actively promote Americanism). Shows devotion to school, community, America. An individual who practices service through repeated acts of support.
E. Courtesy (dependability, punctuality, human relations, respect, cooperation).
F. Growth potential (capable of assuming high leadership responsibilities in JROTC Unit with additional training and experience).
G. Demonstrated leadership potential, military bearing, and scholastic achievement.
· Attainment of a grade of "B" in JROTC with an overall average of "C" in all subjects for the previous semester. Must not have a failing grade in any subject for that period of time.
· Must be active in at least one other student co-curricular activity or club: i.e. music, athletics, student government, junior achievement, etc.
· Must not have been a previous recipient of the award.

Eligibility: Any 10th,11th, or 12th grade student that is currently enrolled as a JROTC Cadet actively engaged in the JROTC program, and one who meets the criteria for the award.